Rise Student Ministries

7th through 12th graders, come be a part of Rise Student Ministries on Wednesday nights from 6:30p to 8:00p at White Mountain Bible Church! Join us for games, fellowship, worship, and Bible study. 


Come and hang out with friends while you grow together in your knowledge of the Word of God and in your walk with Him. 


Of course we play games at youth group! The beginning of the night will typically start with an organized game that the group plays together. Whatever the game, the hope is to have fun altogether as a group. 


We set apart some time to sing songs of worship to God. We sing 2-3 songs that help us to focus on biblical truths and worship our God before starting Bible study. 

Bible Study

A bulk of our evening will be spent in the Word of God. There is nothing else as important to our lives as the Word of God. Typically we will study the Bible verse by verse, with an occasional topical series. 


During our time of Bible study on Wednesday nights, we are going through the letters of 1 & 2 Timothy.

In this world, we face many different situations where the truth about God's word is attacked in one form or another. If we are to be true believers in Christ, we have to know what the truth of the Bible is and not stray away from it. This is what 1 & 2 Timothy is all about. Paul is encouraging Timothy to persevere and lead people in the truth, the truth of the gospel.


Here below you will find photos of whatever big event we just did. Things like our Christmas Party, Ski Trip, summer days, or whatever other fun things we do with the youth group are found in this section. This time around, we are highlighting our 2022 Ski Trip, which happened February 18th and 19th. Stay tuned to see the highlights of our next event!

Friday Night Teaching

The theme for our Ski Trip this year was "Gospel Truth". We focused on going through the Bible and communicated the whole gospel to the children. It was split into three messages: "The Need for the Gospel", "The Gospel", and "The Gospel Lived Out". 

Friday Night Games

After the time we spent in Bible study, we spent the rest of Friday night playing games with the children. We played games like 9 Square, Smashface, and Wave. These are classics now at Rise Student Ministries. 

Saturday Skiing & Sledding

On Saturday, we woke up and had some breakfast burritos and packed sack lunches for our trip to Sunrise. We spent the whole day out playing in the snow. A group of us went Skiing at Sunrise, and the others found a hill near by to go sledding.


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